EvoCrit Starter Guide
This guide is meant to help you get started on EvoCrit.

Account Creation
You can create an account by going to "account" and then selecting "register". Once you've created your account, you can log in.

Once you have logged in, you can set your profile information using the "profile settings" option under your username. If you set a Toyhouse account, you can also post your adopts to Toyhouse and they can be verified to be yours.

There are several EvoCrit freebies available. These can mostly be found on Toyhouse, but are sometimes also found on the Discord server in the form of raffles.

Occasionally EvoCrit adoptables will be posted on aquapyrofan’s Toyhouse. Adoptables for project currency can be found on the EvoCrit Toyhouse.

MYOs are always available through the EvoCrit store. They are also sometimes available for free through events.

Mystery Capsules
Mystery Capsules are available both as adoptables and through the EvoCrit store. They contain adoptables with unknown traits.

Every project has a variety of currencies which are available through the submission of images to the site. Amounts are calculated and added to your account once the images are submitted. You can view currency amounts through the bank page (where available) or through the page for the project they're from.

Submitting Images
While logged in, you are able to submit images to the site. These images must include at least one EvoCrit character, and information about the image should be listed in the discription. Remember to follow the rules on what can be submitted.

Joining ARPGs
EvoCrit ARPGs are hosted on Toyhouse, with some elements on the EvoCrit site. You must send a join request to the Toyhouse world (found on project pages )to participate. You will also be added to projects on the site when you have at least one character (even incomplete) from them.

ARPG Participation
Participation methods vary from ARPG to ARPG, but generally there is some way to gain currency (through exploration, prompts, or some other method), and some way to buy items using that currency (usually in a shop).